In-Transition General Counsel Membership Application

  • I certify that I am a former full-time General Counsel or Managing Counsel in a corporation or entity who had significant leadership and management responsibility, which included (i) leading a major functional area (e.g. litigation, securities, intellectual property), (ii) serving as a lead attorney for a major business unit, or (iii) supervising one or more lawyers and am currently seeking a similar full-time in-house position.
  • - The annual membership fee is deferred for up to 18 months from commencement of transition for ITGC members.
    - During this period of transition, the ITGC will receive the same benefits of an individual membership, with the exception of free attendance to the annual conference. The conference fee for ITGC members will be one half of the individual corporate membership ($300).
    - The ITGC membership will terminate if the member becomes employed full-time as an in-house general counsel or managing counsel or in a non-qualifying position (within a law firm or legal services provider). The ITGC member should make his or her best effort to join the Forum when they secure a new general counsel or managing counsel position and pay the annual membership fee for the remainder of that calendar year and for the following calendar year.