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J. C. McConnell and J. C. Robson's Noncommutative Noetherian rings PDF

By J. C. McConnell and J. C. Robson

This is often an up-to-date version of a piece that was once thought of the definitive account within the topic zone upon its preliminary booklet through J. Wiley & Sons in 1987. It provides, inside a much broader context, a finished account of noncommutative Noetherian jewelry. the writer covers the most important advancements from the Fifties, stemming from Goldie's theorem and onward, together with purposes to staff earrings, enveloping algebras of Lie algebras, PI earrings, differential operators, and localization idea. The publication isn't limited to Noetherian earrings, yet discusses wider periods of jewelry the place the equipment observe extra ordinarily. within the present variation, a few blunders have been corrected, a few arguments were improved, and the references have been mentioned up to now. This reprinted version will remain a worthwhile and stimulating paintings for readers drawn to ring idea and its purposes to different parts of arithmetic.

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Therefore, the fact K is an indecomposable R-mod- ule. 8. Let R be a Noetherian domain of Krull dimension I, M a maximal ideal of R, a n d different from M. Proof. Then~ [M a] a collection of maximal ideals of R RMa D R h "-- Q and hence (Oe RM) + h = Q" If x ¢ Q, then x = a/b, where a, b ~ R and b ~ O. b is contained Since in only a finite number of maximal ideals of R, we see that x ( RMa for all but a finite number of Ma's. an R-homomorphism ~ : Q -~ Z @ K e by ~(x) Thus we can define = E (x + h e ) M~ for all x ~ Q.

N C), and hence D/B is b o t h divis- By the Nakayama Lemma, we see that B. 4. Given an exact sequence O-~A-+B-~ of R-modules: C-~O then (i) If A and C are reduced, (2) If B is reduced and A is Artinian, Proof. Hence suppose B is also reduced. If A and C are reduced, that B is reduced then C is reduced. then clearly B is reduced. and that A is Artinian. Then 46 H o m R ( Q , B ) = 0 and hence we have an exact sequence: 0-*HOmR(Q,C ) ~Ext~(Q,A). 1, A has finite module. length, On the other hand Ext~(Q,A) Thus Ext~(Q,A) and thus Ext~(Q,A) is torsion-free = O, and by the preceding that HomR(Q,C ) = 0.

Of (3) = > R-module divisible of D satisfying that this assertion B 1 of D. submodule B 2 of A I. divisible submodule of D. construct a divisible submodule B of D such that Then there is a submodule Choose A 1 of D such a nonzero Artinian Then B 1 @ B 2 is a nonzero Continuing submodule Artinian in this way we see that we can of D that is an infinite the f a c t that D has DCC on divisible hence we have established the existence of a submodule direct sum. submodules, and B of D with properties.

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Noncommutative Noetherian rings by J. C. McConnell and J. C. Robson

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