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Download e-book for iPad: Non-Lethal' Weapons (Global Issues (Palgrave MacMillan)) by N. Davison

By N. Davison

ISBN-10: 0230221068

ISBN-13: 9780230221062

This e-book offers an updated research of the improvement and deployment of non-lethal guns via police and army agencies. It studies the most important applied sciences, matters, and hazards, with specific awareness to the advance of gear, lasers, microwaves, and acoustics as incapacitating guns.

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This is also because sources of information on US weapons programmes are more readily available. Nevertheless there is a pervading veil of secrecy surrounding many military and police ‘non-lethal’ weapons research and development programmes, particularly those related to unconventional or exotic technologies, as many elements of these are classified. 63 2 The Early History of ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons This chapter explores the early history of ‘non-lethal’ weapons development covering the period from the 1960s until 1989, just before the hugely increased interest in the field that developed during the 1990s.

68 In the policing arena, the development of hand-held liquid irritant sprays that fired a stream of irritant agent in solution was one of the most significant innovations. 73 They originated in Hong Kong where cylindrical inch-long wooden bullets made of teak were used by the police as early as 1958. These were ‘skip fired’ off the ground with the aim of striking people in the legs. 74 Termed ‘baton rounds’ because they were deemed a substitute for wooden batons at longer ranges,75 their limitations apparently precluded them from being considered by the British for use in Northern Ireland as the ‘Troubles’ there intensified in the late 1960s.

147 Stroboscopic lights were also investigated as a means of crowd control. 148 It had long been known that strobes at a certain frequency could cause physical symptoms, such as disorientation and vomiting, and also trigger photosensitive epileptic fits in a very small percentage of people. 150 The use of audible sound, high frequency (ultrasound), and low frequency (infrasound) were explored for potential weapons application. A powerful sound system, the HPS-1, was developed for the US military and used for psychological warfare in Vietnam, particularly to transmit messages or sounds over long distances from the air.

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Non-Lethal' Weapons (Global Issues (Palgrave MacMillan)) by N. Davison

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