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By Jim Hoste

ISBN-10: 0071591443

ISBN-13: 9780071591447

Comprises displays from the overseas workshop on neighborhood cohomology held in Guanajuato, Mexico.

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Topology 1 (1962) 245-248 [3] M. " J. Diff. Geom. 3 (1969) 1-18 [4] M. L. -B. " American J. Math. " Bull. London Math. Soc. " Trans. American Math. Soc. Algebra 192 (1997) 678-700. " J. Pure and Applied Algebra 122 (1997) 41-53. " Inventiones Math. " (Submitted for publication) 126pp (With an appendix by A. Math. Helv. " Ann. of Math. Math. Helv. " (In preparation) 21 pp Local Cohomologyin Equivariant Topology 37 [21] A. D. Elmendorf, I. Kriz, M. A. Mandell, and J. P. May. Rings, Modules and Algebras in Stable Homotopy Theory, Volume 47 of Amer.

Note first that the depth statements are equivalent to the vanishing of local cohomologyup to the top deg~’ee. To give the idea of proof, we will just explain the vanishing of lower local cohomologygroups. The isomorphisms for the top local cohomology groups follow by extending the analysis one more step. Grothendieck’s spectral sequence E~’q -- HPm(DH~-q(s)) (which applies to an arbitrary commutative ring) gives H~(A) for i _< r - 3. Applying the local cohomologyto the short exact sequence from the local cohomologytheorem gives H/m-l(~t) ---- EH/m(A)for i _~ r Combining these gives the statements about depth.

O~ r This completion has the effect of 2-adic completion on J, ~nd leaving alone the Z summand generated by the regular representation. , Yr] where Yi = (1 - ai)/u, and we may take J to be generated by elements mapping to Yl,... ,Yr. One may calculate H~(Q) without too much difficulty: H~(Q) Z[u] an d H~(Q) is zer o bel ow deg ree -2r and the orde r of i ts Z-torsion increases with degree. On the other hand T is ~ bit more complicated. ,y~] and x i 2= Yi. , r} with at least 2 elements. Now we can decompose T = T~ ~ T3 $ ...

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