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James E. Humphreys's Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory PDF

By James E. Humphreys

ISBN-10: 0387900535

ISBN-13: 9780387900537

This e-book is designed to introduce the reader to the speculation of semisimple Lie algebras over an algebraically closed box of attribute zero, with emphasis on representations. a superb wisdom of linear algebra (including eigenvalues, bilinear varieties, Euclidean areas, and tensor items of vector areas) is presupposed, in addition to a few acquaintance with the equipment of summary algebra. the 1st 4 chapters may good be learn through a shiny undergraduate; although, the remainder 3 chapters are extra not easy. this article grew out of lectures which the writer gave on the N.S.F. complicated technology Seminar on Algebraic teams at Bowdoin university in 1968.

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2 If N N are solvable. G, then G is solvable if and only if both G/N and There is an alternative, and frequently more useful way of defining solvability. First, a normal series in G is a sequence G = G0 ≥ G 1 ≥ · · · , with each Gi normal in G. Thus, the commutator series G = G(0) ≥ G(1) ≥ G(2) · · · is a normal series. ). A subnormal series is just like a normal series, except that one requires only that each Gi be normal in Gi−1 (and not necessarily normal in G). The following is often a useful characterization of solvability.

1 Let F be a perfect field. Then any algebraic extension of F is a separable extension. We can apply the above discussion to extensions of finite fields. Note first that if F is a finite field, it obviously has positive characteristic, say p. Thus F is a finite dimensional vector space over the field Fp ( alternatively 58 CHAPTER 2. FIELD AND GALOIS THEORY denoted Z/(p), the integers, modulo p). From this it follows immediately that if n is the dimension of F over Fp , then |F| = pn . 1, F× is a cyclic group, and so the elements of F are precisely the roots of xq − x, where q = pn .

B) If φ : G → A is a homomorphism into the abelian group A, then there is a unique factorization of φ, according to the commutativity of the diagram below: φ G ❅ ❅ ❅ π ❅ ❅ ❘ ✲ A ✒ ¯ φ G/G The following concept is quite useful, especially in the present context. Let G be a group, and let H ≤ G. H is called a characteristic subgroup of G (and written H char G) if for any automorphism α : G → G, α(H) = H. Note that since conjugation by an element g ∈ G is an automorphism of G, it follows that any characteristic subgroup of G is normal.

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Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Volume 9) by James E. Humphreys

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