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Introduction to Intersection Theory in Algebraic Geometry - download pdf or read online

By William Fulton

ISBN-10: 0821807048

ISBN-13: 9780821807040

This e-book introduces a number of the major principles of recent intersection concept, strains their origins in classical geometry and sketches a number of common purposes. It calls for little technical historical past: a lot of the cloth is out there to graduate scholars in arithmetic. A large survey, the e-book touches on many subject matters, most significantly introducing a robust new technique constructed through the writer and R. MacPherson. It used to be written from the expository lectures brought on the NSF-supported CBMS convention at George Mason collage, held June 27-July 1, 1983. the writer describes the development and computation of intersection items by way of the geometry of standard cones. on the subject of appropriately intersecting kinds, this yields Samuel's intersection multiplicity; on the different severe it supplies the self-intersection formulation when it comes to a Chern type of the conventional package; regularly it produces the surplus intersection formulation of the writer and R. MacPherson. one of the functions provided are formulation for degeneracy loci, residual intersections, and a number of aspect loci; dynamic interpretations of intersection items; Schubert calculus and strategies to enumerative geometry difficulties; Riemann-Roch theorems.

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In case D is an effective Cartier divisor on X, this class D . [V] agrees with the class D . 7. In case (i) this is immediate, while in case (ii) it amounts to the fact that for a Cartier divisor e on a variety V, the cycle of the zero section [V] is rationally equivalent to the cycle [-rr-'( e)] in the line bundle L = 19 v( e), with -rr: L ..... V the projection. When e is effective, corresponding to a section s of L, an explicit rational equivalence may be constructed as follows (ct. ,p}. Then Z(O) = -rr-'(e), and Z(oo) is the zero section.

Dynamic intersections. Consider our basic intersection theory setup W ..... V '-+ Y ~ ~ X f f a regular imbedding of codimension d. V an n-dimensional variety. W = X n v. The normal cone C = C wV is imbedded in the normal bundle N = NxY to Xin Y. Let with Lm,[C,] [Cj = be the cycle of C. Each irreducible component C, of C is a subcone of N; let Z, = stY I( C,) be the support of C,. Let N, be the restriction of N to Z,. Then Cj is a subvariety of N,. and we may set a, = s~JCjj E An-d(Z,). By construction.

1. Gysin homomorphisms. Iff: d, we define Gysin homomorphisms x .... Y is a regular imbedding of codimension /*: AkY .... 3. Verdier's proof that this formula respects rational equivalence [59] uses the deformation to the normal bundle to reduce to the known case where d = 1. It goes as follows. 6. Let i be the imbedding of N in MO (as a Cartier divisor). The complement of N in MO is identified with Y x C; let) be the inclusion of Y X C in MO. Consider the diagram: I. j' Ak+,(Y xC) .... 0 '" t pc' .....

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Introduction to Intersection Theory in Algebraic Geometry by William Fulton

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