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Higher-Dimensional Geometry Over Finite Fields by Y. Tschinkel, Y. Tschinkel PDF

By Y. Tschinkel, Y. Tschinkel

ISBN-10: 1586038559

ISBN-13: 9781586038557

Quantity platforms in keeping with a finite selection of symbols, comparable to the 0s and 1s of desktop circuitry, are ubiquitous within the glossy age. Finite fields are crucial such quantity platforms, enjoying a necessary position in army and civilian communications via coding thought and cryptography. those disciplines have advanced over contemporary many years, and the place as soon as the focal point was once on algebraic curves over finite fields, contemporary advancements have published the expanding value of higher-dimensional algebraic forms over finite fields.

The papers integrated during this book introduce the reader to contemporary advancements in algebraic geometry over finite fields with specific cognizance to purposes of geometric concepts to the learn of rational issues on kinds over finite fields of measurement of not less than 2.

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C. Graf v. 4. Count points and tangent spaces on a reducible variety. -C. Graf v. 9. -C. Graf v. 3. -C. Graf v. #Basis(I)]]); SIpt := Scheme(A,Ipt); if Codimension(SIpt) eq 0 then; Append(~M,pt); end if; end for; return M; end function; for p in PrimesUpTo(23) do print p, allPoints(I,p); end for; /*Chinese remaindering given solutions mod m and n find a solution mod m*n sol1 = [n,solution] sol2 = [m,solution]*/ function chinesePair(sol1,sol2) n := sol1[1]; an := sol1[2]; m := sol2[1]; am := sol2[2]; d,r,s := Xgcd(n,m); //returns d,r,s so that a*r + b*s is //the greatest common divisor d of a and b.

C. Graf v. Bothmer / Finite Field Experiments Figure 19. A mirror symmetric cubic P = x*(x^6-3*7*x^4*y^2+5*7*x^2*y^4-7*y^6)+ 7*z*((x^2+y^2)^3-2^3*z^2*(x^2+y^2)^2+2^4*z^4*(x^2+y^2))2^6*z^7 Now parameterize D7 invariant septics U that contain a double cubic. S = K[a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7] RS = R**S -- tensor product of rings U = (z+a5*w)* (a1*z^3+a2*z^2*w+a3*z*w^2+a4*w^3+(a6*z+a7*w)*(x^2+y^2))^2 We will look at random sums of the form P + U using randomInv = () -> ( P-sub(U,vars R|random(R^{0},R^{7:0})) ) Let’s try 100 of these time tally apply(100, i-> mu(randomInv())) o9 = Tally{63 => 48} 64 => 6 65 => 4 ...

6. -C. Graf v. Bothmer / Finite Field Experiments (17, (19, (23, (29, (31, (37, (41, {(5, 4), (9, 13), (11, 16), (12, 12)}) => 1 {(3, 15), (8, 6), (13, 15), (17, 1)}) => 1 {(15, 18), (19, 12)}) => 1 {(26, 15), (28, 9)}) => 1 {(7, 22)}) => 1 {(14, 18)}) => 1 {(0, 23)}) => 1 Notice that there is no solution mod 11. If there is a solution over Q this means that 11 has to divide at least one of the denominators. Chinese remaindering gives a solution mod 2 · 13 · 31 · 37 · 41 = 1222702: -- x coordinate chineseList({(2,1),(13,5),(31,7),(37,14),(41,0)}) o11 = (1222702, 138949) -- y coordinate chineseList({(2,0),(13,10),(31,22),(37,18),(41,23)}) o12 = (1222702, -526048) Substituting this into the original equations gives sub(I,matrix{{138949,-526048}}) o13 = ideal (75874213835186, 120819022681578) so this is not a solution over Z.

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Higher-Dimensional Geometry Over Finite Fields by Y. Tschinkel, Y. Tschinkel

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