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By M. Kavakci Islam, Merve Kavakci, Eric Avebury

ISBN-10: 023011394X

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This e-book questions the 'role version' prestige of the Turkish Republic with admire to the development of lady supplier in an earthly context by utilizing the learn of ladies with headscarves as a working example. Turkey's dedication to modernization relies seriously on secularism which contains, between different issues, the westernization of women's appearance.

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They also do not belong to a certain age group. Thus it is fallacious to treat başörtülü kadınlar as a distinct homogeneous group with a specific identity. , victims of the headscarf ban), depending on the context. Hence there is a contestation at the level of representation over how they should be identified and who should do the identifying. Despite the fact that they see themselves as başörtülü kadınlar, this does not deter the state from dubbing them türbanlı kadınlar. 43 The state sees this as a purposeful anti-secular act, plotted by men and played out by women, while women argue that this is a matter of freedom of conscience.

It was a reconciliatory interim solution for the başörtülü kadınlar. Here türban referred to a “modernized” form of a small headscarf that would cover the head and the neck as mandated by Islam, but at the same time not present a “backward” (whatever this might mean) appearance from the perspective of a westernized secular world that would connect the Turkish women to the past. However no WOM E N I N N AT ION - BU I L DI NG 25 specificities of the türban were provided by the YÖK. Thus no one knew exactly what a türban had to look like.

She did. Who sowed the grain? She. Who turned into a woodcutter and wielded the axe? She. Who kept the fires of home burning? She. Who, notwithstanding rain or wind, heat or cold, carried the ammunition to the front? She did, again and again. The Anatolian woman is divine in her devotion. Let us therefore honor this courageous and selfsacrificing woman. It is for us to pledge ourselves to accept women as our partners in all our social work, to live with her, to make her our companion in the scientific, moral, social and economic realm.

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Headscarf Politics in Turkey: A Postcolonial Reading by M. Kavakci Islam, Merve Kavakci, Eric Avebury

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