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David Waines's Food Culture and Health in Pre-Modern Muslim Societies (Ei PDF

By David Waines

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ISBN: 900419441X
EAN: 9789004194410
ASIN: 900419441X
Publisher: BRILL
Publication Date: 2010-11-01
Number of Pages: 300
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This booklet brings jointly edited articles from the second one version of the Encyclopaedia of Islam which are suitable to foodstuff tradition, health and wellbeing, nutrition, and drugs in pre-Islamic Muslim societies.

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Extra resources for Food Culture and Health in Pre-Modern Muslim Societies (Ei Reference Guides)

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Gardens tend to be manured more regularly than fields and to be cultivated annually. Pigeon lime, collected in pigeon towers, is used in the I fahān district for the cultivation of melons and pear trees. Fa¶r al-Dīn Rāzī mentions the use of bird lime and weed-killers. Fish manure is used in Kirmān for pistachio trees. Chemical fertilizers have been introduced in recent years but their use is comparatively rare. Practices in fallow, during which the land may or may not be ploughed, and crop rotation vary very widely.

It was only in the 19th century that, in Egypt, there appeared the first Arabic agricultural work based on modern science; it was produced by A mad Nadā who, after being sent to France on an educational mission, wrote the two-volume usn al- inā a fī ilm al-zirā a, published in Cairo in 1291/1874. At the present time, text books in the Arabic language exist in all branches of agriculture, written by the teachers of the faculties and practical schools of agriculture. —Terminology and literature For the Arabic terminology of agronomic science there exists a dictionary compiled by the writer of this article (Dictionnaire français-arabe des termes agricoles, Damascus 1943, Cairo 1957), containing about ten thousand terms concisely defined in Arabic.

The main varieties are known as adrī, girda, dum-i siyāh and ambarbū. Sugar cane This was mainly grown in ‡ūzistān in early Islamic times and in the middle ages; and to a minor extent in Māzandarān. In the later middle ages its cultivation in ‡ūzistān died out. An attempt was made in ā¡ār times to revive it, and 10 also to cultivate sugar cane in Gīlān and I fahān. In recent years the cultivation of sugar cane in ‡ūzistān has begun on a more extensive scale as a result of new irrigation developments.

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Food Culture and Health in Pre-Modern Muslim Societies (Ei Reference Guides) by David Waines

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