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Automotive science and mathematics by Allan Bonnick; NetLibrary, Inc PDF

By Allan Bonnick; NetLibrary, Inc

ISBN-10: 008056089X

ISBN-13: 9780080560892

ISBN-10: 0750685220

ISBN-13: 9780750685221

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8. This type of frequency curve is produced when chance events are plotted on a frequency graph; for example, if a large sample of ball-bearings Frequency arranged according to magnitude, the average is called a measure of central tendency. The types of average that are commonly used in statistics are the arithmetic mean, the median, and the mode. Each of these may be used in analysing data – the choice of which is dependent on the data and the intended purpose of the calculation. Arithmetic mean.

4 shows a set of values of x and y that are connected by an equation of the form y = mx + c. y1 = 26 m = tan θ = y2 – y1 46 – 26 20 x2 – x1 = 20 – 10 = 10 = 2 Fig. 5 the values are: 50 y2 = 46 40 Effort E Newtons y1 = 26 x2 = 20 x1 = 10 y − y1 46 − 26 20 m= 2 = = =2 x2 − x 1 20 − 10 10 The constant c is known as the intercept and it is the y value where the straight line meets the y axis; provided that the x and y values start at 0, the value of c may be read directly from the graph. In this case c = 6.

Scales Graphs are normally plotted on squared paper. Each square is chosen to represent a set amount of each of the variables. The scales used must be clearly shown on the graph. 2. 350 CO2 Emissions gram/km 34 X X 300 250 X X 200 X X X 150 100 1 2 3 4 5 Engine Size Litres Variables In this case the variables are engine size and the CO2 emission figures. 2 168 176 182 206 251 310 314 Fig. 2 shows the load raised and the effort required to raise it for a simple lifting machine. Plot a graph with effort E on the vertical axis and load L on the horizontal axis.

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Automotive science and mathematics by Allan Bonnick; NetLibrary, Inc

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