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Download e-book for iPad: Algebraic cycles, sheaves, shtukas, and moduli by Piotr Pragacz

By Piotr Pragacz

ISBN-10: 3764385367

ISBN-13: 9783764385361

ISBN-10: 3764385375

ISBN-13: 9783764385378

The articles during this quantity are dedicated to:

- moduli of coherent sheaves;

- valuable bundles and sheaves and their moduli;

- new insights into Geometric Invariant Theory;

- stacks of shtukas and their compactifications;

- algebraic cycles vs. commutative algebra;

- Thom polynomials of singularities;

- 0 schemes of sections of vector bundles.

The major objective is to provide "friendly" introductions to the above subject matters via a sequence of complete texts ranging from a truly hassle-free point and finishing with a dialogue of present learn. In those texts, the reader will locate classical effects and techniques in addition to new ones. The e-book is addressed to researchers and graduate scholars in algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and singularity conception. many of the fabric awarded within the quantity has no longer seemed in books before.

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This is because if two isomorphisms f and f only differ by multiplication with a scalar, then they correspond to the same point in Y . In other words, Y classifies pairs (f, E) up to scalar. Let G be an algebraic group. Recall that a right action on a scheme R is a morphism σ : R × G → R, which we will usually denote σ(z, g) = z · g, such that Lectures on Principal Bundles over Projective Varieties 51 z · (gh) = (z · g) · h and z · e = z, where e is the identity element of G. A left action is analogously defined, with the associative condition (hg) · z = h · (g · z).

The first canonical filtration (or simply the canonical filtration) of M is Mn+1 = {0} ⊂ Mn ⊂ · · · ⊂ M2 ⊂ M1 = M. We have Mi /Mi+1 Mi ⊗On,P OC,P , M/Mi+1 M ⊗On,P Oi,P . n i=1 Let Gr(M ) = Mi /Mi+1 . It is a OC,P -module. Similarly one can define the first canonical filtration 0 = En+1 ⊂ En ⊂ · · · ⊂ E2 ⊂ E1 = E where the Ei are defined inductively: Ei+1 is the kernel of the restriction Ei → Ei|C . Let n Gr(E) = i=1 Ei /Ei+1 . It is concentrated on C. 2. Second canonical filtration. The second canonical filtration of M M (n+1) = {0} ⊂ M (n) ⊂ · · · ⊂ M (2) ⊂ M (1) = M is defined by M (i) = {u; z n+1−i u = 0}.

Enumerative geometry and Classical algebraic geometry, Progr. in Math. 24 (1982). , Lehn, M. The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves. Aspect of Math. E31, Vieweg (1997). [14] Maruyama, M. Moduli of stable sheaves I. J. Math. Kyoto Univ. 17 (1977), 91–126. [15] Maruyama, M. Moduli of stable sheaves II. J. Math. Kyoto Univ. 18 (1978), 577–614. , Trautmann, G. Limits of instantons. Intern. Journ. of Math. 3 (1992), 213–276. , Spindler, H. Vector bundles on complex projective spaces. Progress in Math.

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Algebraic cycles, sheaves, shtukas, and moduli by Piotr Pragacz

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