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A Course in Vertex Algebra by Rosellen M. PDF

By Rosellen M.

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Thus there exists a unique algebra epimorphism ι : gR → g(R) such that at → at . 7. In this case ι is an isomorphism. Remark. If R is a conformal algebra then R → gR , a → a−1 , is injective. ˜ → R, xt a → T (−1−t) (a), induces a map p : gR → R Proof. The map p : R t because pT (x a) = p(txt−1 a + xt T a) = tT (−t) (a) + T (−1−t) (T a) = 0. From p(a−1 ) = a follows that a → a−1 is injective. ✷ Proposition. The functor R → g(R) from vertex Lie algebras to local Lie algebras is fully faithful. Proof.

The affinization R Let C = (C, ∂) be an even commutative differential algebra. Recall that there is a functor g → C ⊗ g from Lie algebras to Lie algebras over C. A conformal algebra over C is a conformal algebra R with a C-module structure such that T (f a) = (∂f )a + f T a and [f aλ b] = (e∂∂λ f )[aλ b], [aλ f b] = f [aλ b] for any a, b ∈ R and f ∈ C. We note that if we require instead that [f aλ b] = f [aλ b] then [λ ] = 0 for any C such that 1 ∈ ∂(C). The factor e∂∂λ f ensures that both sides of the above identity have the same transformation property with respect to T .

11 U (1)-Currents and Chodos-Thorn Construction We show how conformal vectors can be modified using a U (1)-current. 42 2 Vertex Lie Algebras A U (1)-vector of a vertex Lie algebra R is an even vector J such that Jλ J = kˆJ λ for some kˆJ ∈ ker T . 6 implies that if R is of CFT-type then any even vector J ∈ R1 is a U (1)-vector. Let J be a U (1)-vector. If a ∈ R is an eigenvector of J0 then the eigenvalue qa is called the J-charge of a. Since J0 is a derivation, the charge of ai b is qa + qb and the charge of T a is qa .

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